New Website Layout

Our old website layout was modelled on technology that no longer works. We have had to change it and have chosen this “look” which we hope will be suitable.

All the basics are still here but you may have to hunt a little to find them. Posts are still displayed “latest first” so that you can simply scroll down to see earlier ones. There is still a menu of options at the top that will take you to details of the church and its activities, just as before.

One benefit is that the site displays well on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop and laptop computers. On most devices there is a main column and a side column, but on some smartphones the main column takes up the full screen width and the “side” column is found by scrolling down through the posts.

Any problems, please let us know and we will try to sort them out. There’s an option to “Contact Us” in the menu at the top.

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