Support Group

The Axmouth Church Support Group meets in the Bindon Chapel at 9.30 am on Fridays

We aim to provide the kind of mutual support found in a typical Church Home Group, including intercession for one another and a look at the Bible passages for the following Sunday. These passages will be found on the Church Rota (q.v.)

The group is run by our Lay Minister, Hilary Harron, who writes:

Our group has changed its name over the past few years – originally it was called Praying Together, then it changed to Bible and Prayer Group; and over the pandemic period it became the church Support Group. This name reflects its purpose and nature.
We meet on a Friday morning, at 9.30 in the Bindon Chapel, open in prayer, then read together the lectionary Bible passages set for the following Sunday. We have a few moments of quiet to consider what we have read, read again, consider again, then find the words that are meaningful or difficult, and share with others – or not. This is not traditional Bible study, we don’t need to know what the experts tell us – although sometimes this is useful – but more important is to understand what the reading says to us, which can be different for each person.
After about half an hour we slip into prayer, which often follows naturally from the thoughts that have arisen from the reading.
The leader ends with the Grace. Then the kettle goes on. And those who can, stay as long as they wish.
We take turns in leading, and the leader doesn’t need to look at commentaries, nor be an expert in any way, just to know what the reading is!
On the first Friday of the month we remove the messages that have been placed by visitors on the Prayer Tree and pray for each concern on the cards: we do this for 6 months and then place the cards in a box.
The Support Group offers a time for reflection and learning: there is trust, confidentiality and a space where we can support and encourage each other.

All are welcome – if you would like to come along, please just turn up and see if you find this gathering helpful. Or contact Hilary on 01297 20532.