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Our Mission Statement

Axmouth Church

Axmouth Church seeks to be a blessing to the village of Axmouth and have an impact in the wider world. We aim to do this through four areas - the church building, pastoral care, the Parish News and through just giving.

All Age Communion: Sunday 23 July 2107

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Today’s theme: Where am I with God?
Reading: Romans 8: 31-39

Leading: Pancha Barratt, Speaking: Ann Stuckey,  Reading: Ernie Fox, Prayers: Terry Barratt


Morning Worship Sunday 16 July

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Today’s theme: Who are my fellow pilgrims?
Reading: Luke 4: 14-30
Leading: Ann Stuckey, Speaking: Terry Barratt, Reading: Olive Owen, Prayers: Dave Stuckey

Communion Service: Sunday 9 July

Today’s theme — Authentic: How am I called to be?
Reading: 1 Timothy 1: 1-10
Leading: Kate Woolven, Speaking: Roger Grose, Reading: Jane Taylor, Chalice: Ernie Fox, Prayers: Derek Taylor, Music: Roger Grose, Bells: Nigel Harding

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Sunday 2 July: How do I want to be seen?

This service continued our theme “Who Am I?”
Reading: 1 Samuel 16: 4-13
Leading: Pancha Barratt,  Speaking: Hilary Harron, Reading: Jeannie Purdon, Prayers: Terry Barratt

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Axmouth Family Entertainment!

Fri 30 Jun & Sat 1 Jul

Sunday 18th June

We were delighted to welcome Harry Eaton at the organ this morning.  He did a great job leading us with our hymns.  Hilary Harron conducted the service, Terry Barratt spoke on Luke 4: 1-15 and Pancha Barratt led our prayers.
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Pentecost at Axmouth

We celebrated Pentecost with an inspiring service in which Terry Barratt spoke on John 20 vv 19-23, Kate Woolven led our worship and we marked two birthdays!

You can hear the service online (top right –>)

Christ is Risen

… He is Risen Indeed – Hallelujah

We were delighted to welcome so many to our joyful service this morning.  If you were unable to be there and would like to hear the service, please select it from the list to the right

Recording of Services

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10:00 am: Palm Sunday Communion
Preceded by: Donkey Procession
Theme: The triumphal entry into Jerusalem
Reading: Matthew 21: 1-11
Leading: Hilary Harron, Speaking: Kate Woolven, Reading: Yvonne Zwaferink, Prayers: Elisabeth Stewart

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