Agape Meal – Sun 29 Sep

An Agape Meal is like but not the same as a Communion Service. Anyone can officiate and anyone can take part. It is modelled on the Love Feast of early apostolic times, a simple meal to which everyone was invited. All differences of economic and social standing were ignored, as Christians met as members of one family. As a sign of equal membership, the rich brought food for the poor, who brought nothing.

The word ‘Agape’ describes a love that is selfless, sacrificial and unconditional. It is the love God has for us, shown in Jesus’ sacrificial death. We pray that in sharing this meal, we may then demonstrate that love to one another in our daily lives.

Pancha led us and Lesley spoke on Luke 16:19-31. We then shared the Agape Meal. You can listen here

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