Week beginning Sun 13 June

Our Sunday morning Holy Communion was led by Nicky and also live-streamed online to our Facebook page. Afterwards we gathered outside for sung worship on the church green.

Here’s a video recording.

Week beginning Trinity Sunday 30 May

There is a church service this week – but not in Axmouth. Why? Please read on.

The normal service pattern at Axmouth Church is 10 am on Sundays including Holy Communion on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Some months have 5 Sundays, however. On those occasions, all 8 churches in the Axe Valley Mission Community gather to worship together. The service for this Sunday will be at the Minster Church, Axminster, at 10:30 am. It will also be streamed live online.

More on that in the latest Pews News, where Shuna writes about the Trinity and you will find all the latest from the Axe Valley Mission Community of churches, of which we in Axmouth are part.