If you are baptised and love the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are welcome to come and share at the Lord’s table at one of our communion services.

It is customary (but not compulsory) in our church to take hold of the cup of wine yourself and take a sip.  It is also customary to say Amen after receiving the bread, and to say Amen after receiving the wine.  You may stand or kneel to receive communion.

If you, for any reason, feel that you cannot receive the bread and the wine, then you are very welcome to come forward to receive a prayer of blessing.  The easiest way for us to know that you would like to receive a blessing is for you to hold a service sheet as you come to the communion rail or table.

Children and Communion

We allow children who have been baptised to receive communion.  Parents and carers must let us know if a child is to take communion, preferably before they first take communion in the church, and also whether this is the first time a child has received communion.  We also ask that a child undergoes some preparation, either in church or with parents/carers at home.


To help with preparing children for communion, we have developed our own resources for both leaders and parents.