List of Vicars

Calendar Dates

Before 1752, when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced, documents and record book entries raised between 1st January and 24th March would continue to quote the date of the old year, and the New Year would begin only on 25th March. Nowadays, when referring to events which took place on these dates, it is customary to express them in a way that combines the Old and  New forms – for example,  10 February 1750-51.

List of Vicars

Date of Institution, Name of Vicar, Patron [Notes]

Not known, Vivian Adrian, Not known

24 Nov 1265, Vincent de Lodres, Prior of Loders

28 Jan 1320-1, Brother Roger called Hariel, Prior of Loders  [He was Prior of Loders.  It is probably his effigy in the Chancel]

13 Jan 1324-5, Sir Wm Rokes (Rogys), Prior of Loders and Proctor of the Abbott and Convent of Montbourg [Died May 1330]

22 May 1330, Sir Adam called Gilbert, Prior of Loders  [Formerly Rector of Rousdon]

12 Dec 1349, Nicholas Godswayn, King Edward III [deacon]

31 Dec 1355, Brother Symon de Londa Brother Peter,

[Prior of Loders]   Abbott and the Convent of Montbourg.

5 Nov 1361      Brother Robert Dorse              Brother Peter

Prior of Loders              (as above)

22 Mar 1363-4 Brother Sampson Trygal      Brother John, Abbott, etc.

?1 Aug 1374 )      Sir Nicholas                   Institution not Recorded

29 Oct 1384 ) [mentioned as Vicar on both dates;                               Sir Nicholas exchanged Rectory                                                 of Cotleigh with Master Wm Slade]

16 Jun 1393      Master Wm Slade             King Richard II

[See note on Page 26]

2 Feb 1397-8  John Coterell              King Richard II

[See note on Page 26]

Date of

Institution            Vicar                           Patron and Notes

Not known      Sir Thomas Stork             Patron not recorded

[He exchanged the living

with his successor for that

of Ashbrittle, Somerset, Near Wiveliscombe]

6 Apr 1427      Sir Laurence Wyllynge      Abbess and Convent

of Syon (Augustinian)

12 Dec 1428      Sir John Smythe            As above

7 Dec 1450      Sir Wm atte Wylle   Margaret, Abbess & Convent of Syon

10 Dec 1491      John Capel         Abbess and Convent of Syon

30 Sep 1494      Richard Walbeff         Abbess and Convent of Syon

Not known      Thomas Water         [Presunably as before]

[Also Rector of St. Pancras juxta Lime (Rousdon)                              12 June 1510; had previously been appointed

Vicar of Ermington, near Modbury, on 30 Jan 1505-6]

24 Jun 1531      John Bellytour            Abbess and Convent of Syon

26 Apr 1536      John Berry or Bury            Abbess and Convent of Syon

[of Exeter College, Oxford:

B.A. 30 June 1523

M.A. 9 Nov 1526

Rector 1534-1536

B.D. 14 June 1543]

21 Jul 1558      John Hopkyns            Walter Erle, Esq.

27 Oct 1568      Hugh Wood,  B.C.L.            Walter Erle, Esq.

[Also Rector of Clatworthy, near Wiveliscombe, now in                               Somerset (1570-78); Vicar of Broadclyst (1578-89),                                 and Tettcott near Holsworthy (1586)].

3 Oct 1589      William Belstone,      Thomas Erle, of Charborough, Esq.


Date of

Institution            Vicar                           Patron and Notes

30 Mar 1590      Richard Harvey            Thomas Erle, Esq.

of Lyme

[See note on Page 27]

26 Jul 1632      William Hooke, M.A.            Sir Walter Erle, Knight

[See note on Page 27]

23 Jul 1639      Nathaniel Dyke, M.A.            Sir Walter Erle, Knight

18 Aug 1647      Francis Cuffley            [Nominated by Puritans]

12 Dec 1648      William Wright            [Nominated by Puritans]

[See note on Page 27]

13 Apr 1670      John Tucker, Professor      Robert Hawley Esq. and

Susanna, widow of Thomas Erle

and mother of heir, Thomas Erle

who was then a minor

13 Feb 1677-8      Edward Rowe, M.A.      Thomas Erle of Charborough, Esq.

[Also Vicar of Morden, Dorset, with

Rectory of Charborough (1663-1695)]

13 Nov 1706      William England, M.A.  Walter Oke, gentleman [by grant

of Thomas Erle]

18 Jan 1709-10 Edward Rowe, B.A.       Richard Hallett, Esq. of Stedcombe

[Son of the former Edward Rowe, he was baptised at

Axmouth in 1683; in 1707 married the daughter of

the Rector of Musbury, Honor Westcott; was inducted

to Axmouth, and died and was buried there in April

1722, aged 39 years]

17 Aug 1722      Thomas Lewis, M.A.      Richard Hallett, Esquire

[Son of Rector of Chumleigh;

buried at Colyton, 1746]

13 Sep 1746      John Davies, M.A.        Richard Hallett, Esquire

[Also Vicar of  Stockland, and buried there 4 Oct 1747]

Date of

Institution            Vicar                           Patron and Notes

5 Feb 1747-8      George Anstis, B.C.L.        Southcott Hallett, Esquire

[Also Vicar of Colyton 1737-1764,

when he died, and was buried at Duloe, Cornwall]

23 Jul 1764      Richard Hothersall Hallett,      Southcott Hallett, Esquire


[See notes on Pages 13 and 28]

15 Jul 1783      Re-admitted after resignation    [on his own petition]

23 Jun 1814      Richard Southcott Hallett      Revd. John Comyns, Revd.

[Youngest son of former      Thomas Putt, and Revd. Wm

Vicar, also Rector of            Karslake,(Trustees under the       Rousdon]            Will of the previous patron)

2 Feb 1858      George Thomas Comyns, B.A.         [on his own petition]

[nephew of previous Vicar]

16 May 1864      Edward Templer Harington, M.A.  John Hothersall Hallett,        [Died at Bath 11 May 1874,                          Esq.

and buried at Kelston, Somerset]

27 Oct 1874      Samuel Clement Davis, M.A.   William Trelawny Hallett,       [Died 6 Mar 1894 aged 56                            Esq.

and buried at Axmouth]

23 Jan 1892      Arthur Lewis, M.A.             Samuel Sanders Stephens Esq.

[See note on Page 29]

8 Jun 1896      John Fenwick Starforth      Samuel Sanders Stephens Esq.

[See note on Page 29]

6 Oct 1928      Henry Meade Swifte             Maud Elizabeth S. Stephens         [See note on Page 29]

8 Dec 1946      Hugh Peregrine Griffiths M.A.             as above

[See note on Page 30]

Date of

Institution            Vicar                           Patron and Notes

None      Marmaduke Isherwood            Presentation suspended                      [Rector of Musbury,

Priest in charge 1970-71]

John Victor Mapson M.A. –

1 Sep 1971     – Licensed as Priest in charge

25 Jul 1972      – Inducted as Vicar          Church Pastoral Aid Society

May 1973     – also Priest in charge

of Musbury

1 Aug 1975      – Vicar of Axmouth      C.P.A.S. and Dean & Chapter             with Musbury           of Exeter (jointly)

4 Nov 1977      Brian John Rowland Gerry      C.P.A.S. and Bishop of

Exeter (jointly)

20 Jan 1986      Frederick Stuart Worth      [Patronage amended in                    [Rector of Uplyme since      1989 to Hyndeman Trustees                    1978, and of Uplyme       and C.P.A.S., (jointly)]                    with Axmouth from 1986]

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