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Axmouth Church seeks to be a blessing to the village of Axmouth and to have an impact in the wider world.

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Sun 18 Nov: Signs of the Second Coming


Remembrance Sunday 11 Nov 2018


Sun 4 Nov: The Beatitudes


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The Organ

The wooden casing of the instrument bears a small brass plaque, commemorating its presentation to the church after the death of its builder and previous owner, Lord of the Manor John Hothersall Hallett.  A newspaper report of the time recounts how the organ was built by that clever amateur musician, the late J. H. Hallett, Esq., and for many years stood in his residence at Haven Cliff. It has now been presented to the parish by his nephew, W. T. Hallett Esq., and was used for the first time at Divine Service on Sunday last (17 December 1865).

The Organ

Moved from its old position in the gallery in 1889, it was re-sited very close to its present location.  A comprehensive enhancement project was undertaken in 1989, as part of the celebration of the centenary of the original restoration.  This involved the physical movement of the instrument a little further forward into the chancel, and the provision of a new sounding-board at the rear.  As a result of these measures, a considerable improvement in audibility was obtained.  The tonal range was augmented by the addition of new stops; the modifications serving to continue the process by which the organ has been subject to regular maintenance and occasional changes to its specification throughout the 130 and more years since it was first presented.  In its present state, it provides an effective accompaniment to the musical side of our worship, but the lack of a second manual renders it less suitable for recital use.