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Older Church News…

Staying home for the next Bank Holiday?

Bring your pets – and a picnic – to Axmouth Church Green

for an open-air Pets Service at 11 o’clock

followed by your own picnic lunch. We’ll provide tea and coffee.

Rogation Sunday: 6 May

May 6 is Rogation Sunday, the day when the Church offers prayer for God’s blessings on the fruits of the earth and the work of those who produce our food. Just as Harvest Festival marks the end of the growing season, so Rogation marks the beginning.

So there will be no morning service in church. Instead we’ll be gathering at 3pm in the appropriate setting of Higher Bruckland Farm. And as well as our service of worship there will be the encouragement of tea, scones, cream, jam and cakes! So do come along and do bring children 🙂

Agape Meal: Sunday 29th April

We gathered this morning in a colder than usual church — the heating boiler had failed temporarily — and our worship included an Agape Meal, symbolic of what the early Christians would share when gathering together as members of the one family of Christ.

You can hear the service here

22 April 2018: Where does the money go?

Neil Williams, Director of Finance for Exeter Diocese, spoke at our morning service and explained how the diocese spends the money we give in our collections.

You can hear the service here

Jesus appears to his disciples after the Resurrection

At our morning service, Ann Stuckey spoke of the disciples’ reaction when the risen Jesus appeared to them and what we need to do about it today.

Revd Ann Stuckey

Revd Ann Stuckey

Reading:  Luke 24:36-48

Leading:  Elisabeth Stewart

Reading:  Yvonne Zwaferink

Speaking:  Ann Stuckey

Prayers:  Derek Taylor

Organ:  Roger Grose



You can hear the service here



Terry Barratt talks about SEAN with live South American music

Terry Barratt has been involved in SEAN for some 50 years.  His parents, who worshipped at Axmouth, started it and Terry has seen SEAN grow to a worldwide ministry, training, equipping and empowering ordinary people to start churches and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  In church this morning he charted the growth of SEAN from its humble beginnings to the present where he is finally about to hand over to a new Director.

Accompanied by sister Rosemary on the harp, he also gave us a flavour of worship in a South American church.

You can hear the service here




Easter Sunday Worship

It was a delight to see a much larger congregation than on a usual Sunday.  Rose Tidball left the service, Terry Barratt spoke on the Easter theme and presided at Communion. Our occasional choir took part as we all sang some Easter favourites.  You can hear the service here

Easter Sunday 2018

Please join us for our Easter Service on Sunday 1 April at 10 am.

We’d love to share this special time with you.

St Michaels Church is in Church Street, Axmouth EX12 4AF


Palm Sunday 2018

We commemorated Palm Sunday with a donkey and palm procession through Axmouth

We sang with the donkeys – have a look

This was followed by our church service.  You can listen here

Palm Sunday Procession: 9.30 am 25 March