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Axmouth Church

Axmouth Church seeks to be a blessing to the village of Axmouth and have an impact in the wider world. We aim to do this through four areas - the church building, pastoral care, the Parish News and through just giving.

News: Sunday 29 Jan

Hilary announced that we are now holding a short time of prayer in the Bindon Chapel at 9.30 on Sunday mornings.  This is particularly for those taking part in the service to help them prepare for our worship. Anyone else who would like to come is welcome to pray with us and encourage us.

She also said we are looking for members of the congregation who would like to take a more active part in our services, especially those who might like occasionally to lead the prayer time.  If you would like to help in this way, please let Hilary know.

Hilary reminded us of the Wednesday Get-Together, 10 am – 12 noon every Wednesday in the Village Hall.

She invited us also to come to the Thursday Discipleship Group, 3 – 4 pm every Thursday.  More on this further down the page.

Ann preached her first sermon in her role as our Associate Priest.  She continued our series on “The Names of God” with a talk on Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who Heals, based on Exodus 15: 22-27 and illustrated by Dave’s personal testimony.

The service concluded with an Agape Meal, which we celebrate on the 5th Sunday of any month that has five.

You will find a link to a recording of the service on the right hand side of this screen.